Singer/Songwriter Lanita Smith Represents What It Means To Be "Fearless"

Memphis native Lanita Smith, the winner of the 2015 Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Artist’s Discovery Program, won $25,000 and new musical equipment as well as an appearance in September on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On her soulful anthem of empowerment "Fearless", the singer encourages you to listen to your heartbeat as she tells a story of overcoming the odds to the tune of a pleasant guitar-driven groove.

Estee Nack & Relentless Merge Hip Hop & Religion On "Black & White Jesus"

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" The biblical story of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest, and most well known stories in written on this project we're not determined to rhetorize or justify whether or not the words of the bible are the actual absolute truth(word of god), or whether or not Jesus the Christ was an ACTUAL person. We ain't doin none of that, Fact is, we really don't care...

Upon digesting this record, most will come to find that A. We're not Christians, We're just having a GREAT time with music, words and random concepts....and B. when dealing with written or spoken words of men, things may not be so "Black and White", thus, Me and Relentless assembled this list of songs, rife with biblical references and thematic production(handled mainly by Relentless) and put a song out each day on soundcloud over a course of 7 days(Christmas Day thru New Year's Day)...This EP is those songs compiled in order of release, where we exhibit the different ways we freak our styles and use concepts to our advantage in order to reflect OUR particular picture and perspective..." - Estee Nack and Relentless

Stream: "Something About April II" Instrumentals by Adrian Younge

On "Something About April II", composer Adrian Younge evokes a somber mood as an arranger of soulful soundtrack music as he weaves intriguing layers of emotion into his grooves for a journey of mystery and intensity. Let your imagination run free as each instrumental tells it's story in the dreamy approach and sonic character of 70's Italian Soundtrack music. "Something About April II" is music which allows you time to reflect and feel a sense of serenity while keeping you on the edge of suspenseful emotion at the same time.

Video: Rob Swift Presents Rahzel The Godfather Of Noise Live At Queens Comfort

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"Rob Swift presents "‎the fun bRunch" featuring The Godfather of Noise Rahzel at Queens Comfort part 1...

Chances are when you hear the name Rahzel you think of The Roots from Philly. But when I think of Rahzel I think of the borough of Queens. Word, Rahzel is a native son of a section in Queens called Hollis. That's Hollis as in Run DMC from HOLLIS, QUEENS.

And so that's why the launch for my new bi-weekly party the fun bRunch at Queens Comfort filled me with so much anticipation leading up to this past Sunday. the fun bRunch is more than just a Sunday brunch party. I see it as an opportunity to expose what Queens means to Hip Hop, and believe me, it don't get any more Hip Hop than Rahzel.

The first time I heard of Rahzel was on the song "Dawn", released in 1987. Produced by Paul C McKasty, mentor to The Large Professor and producer of groups such as Eric B. & Rakim, Ultra Magnetic, Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud..., "Dawn" was written by Michael Deering aka Mikey D, another Queens legend from Laurelton and winner of the 1988 New Music Seminar MC Battle for World Supremacy. But unlike Paul C's more popular work, the beat on this particular track wasn't made on an SP1200. It was the Godfather of Noise himself, Rahzel, puttin' it down straight from his vocal chords yo.

Mind you, I'm talkin' 'bout a time when "Beat Boxing" was as common on Hip Hop songs as scratching was. You had originators of the art like Doug E Fresh, Buff aka "The Human Beat Box", The Human Lindrum Biz Markie D and DMX, all showcasing their different styles. You could literally close your eyes and still distinguish who was who.
The thing that stood out about Rahzel for me was the bass and overall clarity he projected on to the mic. It was as if he had an equalizer surgically implanted into his vocal chords. Since then, I seen Rah evolve into more than a guy who can do a beat with his mouth.

This video serves and example of what I mean. " - DJ Rob Swift

Q-Tip Pays Tribute To Maurice White Of Earth, Wind & Fire On Abstract Radio

Get ready to boogie down as The Abstract Poetic shows his appreciation to one of the most unique and soulful voices in music from a band who are known for their distinct ability to evoke the greatest of dance rhythm, love and festivity. This episode of Abstract Radio reflects upon the timeless sound of Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Hawaiian Breaks 2: @DJMURO Digs For Joyful Soul & Boogie From The Islands

If your looking to feel joy in the sound of music, look no further than the uplifting set of Funk and Soul which renowned digger DJ Muro in his latest installment of the Hawaiian Breaks series. This compilation features upbeat rhythms and festivity from the islands as one of Japan's great musicologists brings you sunshine over the span of 20 groovy tracks driven by love and happiness.

!llmind Performs At D.I.T.C. Studios, Drops "The Red Crayon Killer Samples Vol. II"

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Back once again in the second installment of his series of dramatic and mysterious synth loops created based upon his inspiration from classic soundtracks of the 70's and 80's, !llmind hits the right notes to make you feel a sense of darkness on "The Red Crayon Killer Samples Volume II". Drawing from his collection of vintage keyboards and unique imagination for music, these 20 cinematic loops are ready to spark your inspiration in the studio.

Complete with audio stems for you to dissect and utilize each layer of !llmind's music, this Blap kit proves to be one of the most intriguing and deep of his creations yet designed for use by the modern producer.

In 2016, !llmind gets invited to hang and perform by greats of Hip Hop production in a visit to D.I.T.C. Studios. In an interview/performance, the Blap CEO shares his memories of humble beginnings and working with leading artists of today as he rocks the studio audience with some of his latest sonic creations.

HouseShoes Talks Street Corner Music & The Making Of Dilla's "Welcome To Detroit"

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One of Detroit/LA's most notable DJ/gatekeeper/curmudgeons, @HouseShoes spoke on Jay Dee's "Welcome 2 Detroit", his personal history in both cities and his general distaste for other things he isn't fond of. Rest In Peace Dilla February 7 1974-February 10 2006

Korean Jazz Fusion Band A-Fuzz Release "Moonshine" EP

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For the Jazz Fusion listener who likes to escape and elevate their mind to music, emerging band A-Fuzz take you on an intergalactic journey on "Moonshine". This trip to space expresses feelings of freedom and a futuristic perspective of fusion in different forms as the band blast off above the clouds with mellow synth-driven grooves for you to drift away and energetic Rock-influenced jams packed with power. Whether their giving you a jolt to uplift or proving a sense of serenity, A-Fuzz leave a beautiful impression of sound as ambitious musicians who have their sights set to the stratosphere.

The Psychedelic World of Mr. James D. Yancey, Mixed By John Morrison

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"guably the biggest, most knowledgable Dilla head that I'd ever met. I had an idea of some of the sample materials that Dilla used on some of his productions but Oronde's passion and knowledge was so deep, he put me on to many of the Psych and Prog-Rock records that Dilla used as source material. In honor of both of these men, I made this mix." - John Morrison

Introducing The cratesofjr Record Pool: My Favorite Crate Diggers Added Monthly

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After years of tracking down the best crate diggers I could find online and in the real world, I decided to compile my total vinyl experience into one place to share with others. The cratesofjr Record Pool features up-to-date vinyl auctions from music enthusiasts worldwide, from DJs and producers looking for the perfect loop to independent record stores.

It's hard work keeping up with all the great music on vinyl out there but I hope to maintain a system which streamlines great finds on eBay and provides a nice filter designed for those who dig the musical taste here at cratesofjr.

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Beatnick Dee producer and crate digger 

bigcityrecordsnyc formerly Sound Library NY 

Bruceforsight aka the Ebay wing of Chopped Herring Records, a vinyl only Hip Hop label specialising in DOPE F ISH!!! 

academyrecords Brooklyn's largest independent record store 

tmelonrodney aka producer Stu Bangas 

goodrecordsnyc a used record shop in downtown Manhattan, New York City 

theclash1989 Owner of SONOR Music Editions. Italian Music Libraries and Soundtracks vinyl addicted. 

ingenio604 Panamanian music from a Polish digger 

tropical_fantasy rare 80's Boogie dealer 

golden_flamingo rare 80's Hip Hop 

drewhuge rare Golden Era Hip Hop from The UK 

slice-of-spice rare Golden Era Hip Hop 

piscop0 a Dj, private record dealer and passionate collector of Italian library, soundtracks and b-movies, Italian funk music, italo disco, modal jazz, psychedelic jazz, weird grooves and exotica 

misterowl1963 R&B, Funk and Soul dealer from The UK 

carolinasoul rare Soul 45s from a store in North Carolina 

blackfiles1999 rare Brazilian groove, Latin Jazz, Bossa, Latin Funk 

turkishvinyl Turkish Funk & Rock dealer

waawwaawrecords Brazilian music from Bossa, Jazz, Funk to Blues 

superiorelevation Brooklyn Record Store 

papa-funk Japanese Funk, Soul, Jazz, Soundtrack breaks from the 70's, Japanese pressings of American LPs 

ockut1 Canadian Funk dealer 

wattsjazz Jazz & Soul 

funkymusak UK DJ and dealer of 80's Soul and Boogie

recordmaster123 aka Jayla Records 

sugarsoundz Australian dealer of Jazz, Funk, Soul

pourquoi-moi Italian dealer of rare Euro Library

melbournewax Selling Australian, US and European; including Italian and French soundtracks and Libraries

jazzaggression record label and dealer of Finnish Jazz


andrewwilkins Rock, Prog, Library 

recordsunlimited Turkish, Arabic

cuordivinile Itailan groove

discos_alma various flavors of Latin music

paperstax rare Gospel LPs and 45s

proghungary Hungarian Prog Rock dealer

kidinquisitive Soul 45s

craigmoerer Craig Moerer Records By Mail, Assorted 45 

4052pauld Soul 45s

docfish German dealer of Soul 45s

allpromos Golden Era Hip Hop on tape and vinyl, rare promo versions 

djmcboingboing a mixed variety of genres and breaks

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New Starts & Motivations feat. Tony Momrelle, Quantic Soul, Vic Pitts & More

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These are the tunes that will get you out of bed in the morning and then keep you running down the street. With enough positive thinking to outshine even the most intense personal trainer, this selection is designed to drive your day through the motivational power of music. Featuring an array of sounds spanning Soul, Pop, Rock and Electronic, enjoy the uplifting songwriting of emerging artists which Believe Sync believes enough in to present a compilation based upon changing your life.

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