MC Jorel Blu Declares His Time Is Now On "Club, 27"

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Presented by - to celebrate his 27th birthday, Jorel Blu drops the song "Club, 27" produced by Robi York. Expressing his mind and plans before he hits 28 years old. Inspired by the legends who passed young at age 27.
Mixed by TyPhilly (of Milc)

L.S Limitless Soundz Pictures Life With Optimism On "The Vision"

The hood is his euphoria as LS Limitless Soundz closes his eyes and opens his mind to see the beauty and human value which can be found within the everyday struggle on "The Vision". Open your third eye and see as this optimistic lyricist does as LS takes a trip through the ghetto, turning a frown upside down through his own positive perspective.

The Soul Of Elliott Macauley: Music Producer, Composer & Mama's Boy

With his ear firmly planted in gems of classic and modern music plus life-changing songs drawn from his talent groomed at the Royal Northern College Of Music, UK musician, producer and composer Elliott Macauley has plenty of Soul to offer! Drawing inspiration from the songwriting and positive messages of legends, E creates beautiful music which reflects a deep love of life as heard on his great tribute to the gift of a parent's presence "Mama's Baby Boy".

Kick back and enjoy a playlist of his personal selections and follow him on Twitter, Reverbnation, YouTube and your major online music distributors.

Mixtape Museum Uploads Gems by Chill Will, Lovebug Starski, Clue & More

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"Forget the he-say she-say, in the beginning it was The DJ!" ©KRS-One

Stay tuned to Mixtape Museum's Soundcloud for gems including these recorded during the early to mid 90's by some of New York's most recognized DJs. I remember during high school hearing rumors of the mixtapes by Chill Will From The Eastside getting bootlegged.

Bassist BIll Dickens Kicks "Tha Truth" On His Neo-Soul & Jazz-Fusion Debut

Focusing on a variety of moral subjects and positive feelings as the direction for his powerful songwriting and soulful grooves which range from Neo-Soul to Jazz fusion, the message of electric bass guitar player Bill "The Buddha" Dickens resonates deeply on "Tha Truth".

Dickens has played with a huge range of artists, including Pat Metheny, George Michael, Joe Zawinul, Janet Jackson, Grover Washington, Jr., Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Freddie Hubbard, Al Di Meola, Dennis Chambers, Steve Morse, Randy Newman and The Hooters. From 1983 to 1999 participated in three recording sessions of Ramsey Lewis: Les Fleurs, A Classic Encounter and Urban Renewal[3]

Evolve - "Wolves" featuring Spit Gemz and Asphate

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Open up your eyes to the enlightening rhymes of Evolve, Spit Gemz and Asphate who draw distinction between overhype and truth on "Wolves". Blastin messages relentless, these three MCs entertain while serving a purpose as Hip Hop revolutionaries who have minds to reach.

Guitarist Andrea Rossetti Plays The Blues On A Cover Of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing"

Drawing from his admiration of Hendrix's unique Blues/Rock fusion and getting down in his own right, Italian guitarist Andrea Rossetti delivers energy and style on "Little Wing". Reinterpreting the song using ideas from the wonderful version recorded by Stevie Ray Vaughan and including some ideas of his own, Andrea's work on arrangement and guitar soloing proves to be a powerful combination.

Jimi Hendrix painting by James Bennett

Urban Sound Lab feat. Terrance Downs - "Karma"

REEL PEOPLE MUSIC are delighted to welcome in 2015 with KARMA, a brand new Soulful House gem courtesy of URBAN SOUND LAB. The smooth delivery of vocalist Terrance Downs and adrelanie of Urban Sound Lab's production combines for an exciting vision of love through music.

Preview: Lewis Parker & Eastkoast - "MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis"

Welcome to the world of dusty vinyl, sinister beats and an eye-opening dose of reality rap on Lewis Parker & Eastkoast's "MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis". Look out for the 2015 album featuring John Robinson, Shbaam Sadeeq, El Da Sensei and more, now available for pre-order at

K.E.V x Anjel Diaz Search For The "True Meaning" Of Life With Hip Hop

Be inspired by a trio who refuse to give up and search for better days ahead in the thought-provoking lyrical gems and soulful vibe of "True Meaning". When the weight of the world caves in on you, search for the truth within your sanctuary of music as K.E.V x Anjel Diaz do over the production of Abiola Otusanya A.K.A ‘Musiq Man’ on this song.

Let Your Soul Glow To The Sound Of "Three Rivers" by Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion

About the album by Richie:

“RICHIE GOODS AND NUCLEAR FUSION – THREE RIVERS” is a project I’ve nurtured for the last couple of years, writing six new compositions, arranging some fabulous but obscure pieces and finding just the right performers to deliver my vision for this work. And deliver they do! Billie Kilson on drums, best known for his work with Dave Holland and Chris Botti, wows with rousing rhythms and a deft touch. Australian born guitarist Ben Butler, another Berklee alum and Chris Botti bandmate, provides both excitement and subtle sensitivity where called for.

Accomplished composer and solo recording artist Andy Ezrin displays versatility and ingenious keyboard artistry on each cut. I am thrilled that vocalists Shayna Steele and Sy Smith lent their incredible gifts to this CD. I’ve long been a fan of Shayna and I knew her expressive voice was perfect for “Sightless Bird”. And what can I say about my roadie, Sy Smith. Her passionate rendition of “Hope She’ll Be Happier With Him” creates an intensity that captivates until the very last note. And finally, I am so proud to have the brilliance of Grammy winning trumpeter Chris Botti on this recording! His remarkable and easily recognizable trumpet tone is on a level of its own. Whether its an emotional rendering of the Star Spangled Banner or What a Wonderful World or Emmanuel, Chris’ warm tones touch your very soul and his interpretation of “Four Kings”, one of my original compositions, exceeded my expectations in every way.

Making this record was a labor of love and this ensemble of extraordinary musicians excite and electrify. THREE RIVERS is an eclectic and moving musical experience. It’s me, getting back to my musical roots – unbound – unfettered – free. My hope is you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!


I have always enjoyed science and appreciated how many of its principles translate to music. One of the best examples I know of this is the principle of fusion in which separate components come together to make a powerful reaction much bigger than the individual parts. That’s how good music should be made. So when I decided to put together my fusion jazz band, I knew I needed the right components to get that perfect balance. Each band member had to be carefully selected for not only their skill but also their passion for the music.

The personnel in Nuclear Fusion has changed over the years but one thing has remained constant. The energy is truly like a nuclear explosion, igniting the stage and exciting the audience in one beautiful chain reaction. The best way I can describe what moved through me as we play is that Holy Ghost feeling you get after a good sermon in church. Just like the chemical reaction for which the band is named, the members of Nuclear Fusion create an energy that is so much more than any of us individually. That’s how good music is made.

Freestyle Records Announces Signing & New Compilation Of Legendary Organist Brian Auger

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Press Release:

Freestyle Records are immensely proud to announce the signing of legendary, world-renowned, award winning organist and pianist Brian Auger.

Spring 2015 will see the release of 'Back To The Beginning - The Brian Auger Anthology': a 24 track compilation covering 50 years of his amazing career, followed by 'Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Live In Los Angeles' - featuring Alex Ligertwood, is planned for late summer, in time for two forthcoming European tours (#1: July through August & #2: October through November).

Brian's professional career first made headlines in 1963 when he won the #1 position in the Melody Maker's Jazz Piano Readers' Poll. As a prodigious jazz pianist, Brian had already amassed an amazing amount of experience in the London scene. In 1965, after hearing jazz organist Jimmy Smith's music, Brian began his love affair with the mighty Hammond Organ. Naturally, he totally mastered the instrument, and then went on to break new ground on the organ – using it as his primary tool as a pioneer of jazz-fusion.

Lauded and loved by everybody from Herbie Hancock to Mose Allison, from the Brand New Heavies to The Beastie Boys, his music has been sampled by Mos Def, Common, Air and Kid Loco, plus his original compositions covered by Sarah Vaughan and The Main Ingredient.

Brian's career has spanned genres, continents, decades and his ground breaking, genre-defying bands like the mid 60s mod super group The Steampacket (with a young Rod Stewart), The Trinity with the ultimate groovy 60s chick, vocalist Julie Driscoll, and of course Brian Auger's Oblivion Express – the band whose alumni reads like a 'who's who' of amazing musicians (including guitarist Jim Mullen, drummer Steve Ferrone). This group created musical history with its particular brand of soulful fusion, when the 'Closer To It' album did the previously unimaginable and broke into the Billboard Jazz, Rock and R&B charts simultaneously in 1973!

Accolades and awards have continued to accumulate throughout his career, hitting the Top 5 of the UK Pop Charts in 1968 with the jazzed up version of Bob Dylan's 'This Wheel’s On Fire', which got Brian and vocalist Julie Driscoll onto Top Of The Pops, receiving multiple Grammy nominations – the last one as recently as 2007. In the same year, Brian was awarded a 'Certificate of Special Recognition' by the US Congress for his contribution to the American art form of Jazz. It's easier to list the musical legends he hasn't played with, but a quick glance of his many collaborations includes names such as Sonny Boy Williamson, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix.

Freestyle A&R man, Greg Boraman, first met Brian during a trip to California in 1994, and immediately struck up a friendship based upon Hammond organ maintenance tips and quoting lines from The Goons: “Signing Brian to Freestyle is a personal and professional high point. Brian’s influence on music is epic, his blistering keyboard skills leave people speechless (as do his shirts!) and the chance to release new recordings and some of his classic tracks from his illustrious career is exciting and an honour.”

Of this brand new partnership Brian stated: “I am so happy to be working with Freestyle Records. They understand my music, and know how to market it… this all feels most agreeable. Meanwhile, I shall sing their praises from the Horse troughs of Edgware to the Yak-Laundering Sheds of Novosibirsk!”

"Brian Auger is one of the best B3 artists I have ever heard in my life. He is a tremendous talent with a wonderfully warm and compassionate personality, a combination that is hard to beat. He deserves all the accolades." - Herbie Hancock

"The ferocious energy in Brian Auger's explosive playing is far greater than virtually any other Hammondist dead or alive. His dynamic, driving live shows take this energy through the roof time after time and are a hot ticket all over the world. He has matured but not mellowed. Focused and visceral, his pioneering style has set a bench mark that few have got anywhere near." - James Taylor, The James Taylor Quartet

"Brian Auger is not only responsible for my music education over the the years, encompassing jazz, blues, folk, psychedelia, soul and more in a way that few have managed to, he's also part of that rare breed of musician whose touch and playing you instantly recognise; the mark of a true great" - The Reflex

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