Illmatic Turns 20: Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra Go Behind The Concert Event

Damn those violins sound beautiful covering the melody for "It Ain't Hard To Tell"! Learn more about this innovative musical collective who added the magic touch of orchestral arrangements to a live performance of "Illmatic" in 2014. The remarkable journey demonstrated in this mini doc of Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra's initial inception which eventually led to festival gigs and bigger opportunities shows dreams do come true if you have unique talent and a dream which you work at consistently.

TR Love, Chopped Herring & Dope Folks Releases Limited Edition Hip Hop For Spring 2015

The Golden Era gems come in abundance as TR Love of the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs along with the ever-prolific Dope Folks and Chopped Herring record labels dig in the vaults for timeless Hip Hop to begin Spring 2015. Enjoy the playlist of previews and head over to each label to get your limited-edition vinyl.

How "Life's A Bitch" By Nas Was Supposed To Sound: Mtume Juicy Fruit Blend by Fielding

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"The record that my DJ L.E.S. was supposed to bring [to a recording session] was the 'Juicy Fruit' record by Mtume, and he winded up bringing 'Yearning For Your Love' by the Gap Band somehow, and we just used that record," he recalled. "It's one of the last records on the the album [Gap Band III], and that winded up being 'Life's a B[itch]' with AZ. We wanted to use 'Juicy,' and I love 'Life's a B[itch],' but when [the Notorious B.I.G.'s] 'Juicy' came out, it took me a while to get over that…this wasn't the days of now where you can go online and just download the song; [L.E.S.] drove from Queens to Manhattan, and we wanted to get the song done, so we didn't want to wait for [him to retrieve it] and the record stores were closed, so today is a different day. Back then, we had to do what we had to do." - Nas Recalls Wanting To Sample Song From Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy"

Billy Joel - "New York State Of Mind" (Big Band Instrumental Cover by Patrick Williams)

On his album "10th Avenue", Patrick Williams envisions a majestic swing of Big Band Jazz as a new soundtrack to the city that never sleeps on an instrumental cover of Billy Joel's "New York State Of Mind". While many choose to go the straight-forward route of covering this classic tune in acoustic form on  piano and vocals, Patrick goes all-out in an exciting arrangement which evokes the excitement of living in NYC as it is historically known.

"The Genesis" by Guitarists Leja & Relio

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Like the beginning of existence, Leja & Relio aim to create a moment to remember with the a rush of adrenaline on "The Genesis". A fusion of mellow arrangements and electrifying solos on guitar combine to express feelings which occur when change happens before our eyes as this duo push the throttle of emotion in music from melancholy to exciting.

"Big Daddy Trane: John Coltrane in Hip-Hop Beats" Mixed by DrNoze

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"John Coltrane is a monster of modern music, which notably revolutionized jazz, and thus, all of black American music. The artists of the wave "jazz rap", which was created at the dawn of the 90s and has continued throughout the decade, will not all be wrong. There are many who paid tribute to him.

Big Daddy Trane is a fine selection of hip-hop tracks containers samples of John Coltrane. Can be found, among other, the Aceyalone, the Juggaknots, the Nuthouse, the Fu-Schnickens, the Pharcyde, and much more. With a bonus, to celebrate 20 years of " Illmatic ", a pocket as a tribute to the cult album Nas." - Foxylounge

John Coltrane - Venus (intro)
Aceyalone - The Hunt
Juggaknots - Trouble Man
Da Nuthouse - A Luv Supream
Fu-Schnickens - True Fuschnick (Shaheed's Fix)
Da Bush Babees - Swing It (Jazziness)
The Dead Presidents - spread butter
Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka
3rd Eye - Ease Up (feat The Group Home.)
The Pharcyde - Pack the Pipe
Lupe Fiasco - Life, Death and Love From San Francisco
John Coltrane - Stevie (final)

Stream Playlists Of Golden Era Hip Hop Courtesy Of Sneak Tipp & OGDonNinja

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These collectors go all out in finding rare gems in two of the most extensive YouTube collections of demo tapes and 12" singles from the 1980's and early 90's eras of Hip Hop. Stream 100 selections by OGDonNinja above, 200 selections by Sneak Tipp below and visit each collector's channel for even more gems.

808 The Movie: Hank Shocklee & Alex Noyer Discuss A Classic Drum Machine

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Director/Writer Alex Wunn and Producer Hank Shocklee speak from vocalo radio about the historical significance of the TR-808 drum machine and hold a question and answer session after viewing 808 The Movie at Chicago CIMM Fest.

Acoustic Jamming To The Music Of Kendrick Lamar by Jessica Domingo & Jackson Breit

Enjoy music good enough that it might just encourage you to love yourself as two vocalist/guitarists share their passion for life by turning songs by Kendrick Lamar into a new soulful acoustic experience.

Cella Dwellas Producer Nick Wiz Drops Unreleased Beats From The 90's

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The definitive knock behind classics by artist such as The Cella Dwellas, Chino XL, Rakim, Gauge and Main One returns in 2015 as a collection of unreleased beats. Nick Wiz keeps it thumping with his signature sound on 10 tracks to remind you of an approach to beats which is still built to get necks snapping. Listen as this sought-after Jersey producer tells stories with a combination of jazzy samples heavy bass grooves and dusty drums as the musical vision which he has used to support the introduction of numerous lyrical talents.

For A 90's Hip Hop Revival, Class Is In Session At Ran Reed's Soundcloud

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Ran Reed spits a refreshing dose of reality and skill while maintaining the traditional Golden Era sound Hip Hop fans are sure to love as one of the most talented MCs to emerge from the production umbrella of none other than Nick Wiz. Nod your head and be thankful Ran has opened up his Soundcloud page where more treats await you including current songs plus unreleased archives from the 90's!

Preview "Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning" by Matthew Shell

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With an approach to music which features brilliant execution, powerful emotion and food for the soul, Matthew Shell speaks to your inner being in a taste of what's to come on new album in the works titled 'Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning'.

More details coming soon to

Album cover art: Francois

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