Visioneers Cover "Mystic Brew" And "Smilin' Billy Suite" For Record Store Day 2014

The mystic sound of 70's Jazz fusion inspires a new generation of musicians who lend their hand at a replay of "Mystic Brew" / "Smilin' Billy Suite", the 2014 Record Store Day 7" by Marc Mac and Luke Parkhouse. In addition to hearing the sound of familiar Hip Hop samples which each tune evokes, fans of these songs should be surprised at the new flavor which is given by Marc and Luke, especially the new samba percussion added to "Mystic Brew".

Produced and Arranged by Marc Mac.

Mystic Brew: written by Ronnie Foster
Luke Parkhouse - Guitars,Bongos and Percussion.
Marc Mac - Upright Bass, Rhodes, Arp Strings, Additional Percussion, Additional Guitar, Organ, MPC 2500 and Logic Sequencing.

Smilin’ Billy Suite: written By Jimmy Heath
Luke Parkhouse - Guitars, Flute and Percussion.
Marc Mac - Upright Bass, Piano, Mbira “thumb piano”, Logic sequencing and Additional Percussion.

Da Beatminerz Present "Str8 45s" In A 2014 Mixmaster Weekend feat. Boogie Blind, Eclipse & Others

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The brothers Dewgarde keep the tradition of Hip Hop alive by gathering guests to demonstrate their love for spinning records and crate digging in the online live stream platform. Enjoy the 2014 mixmaster weekend by Beatminerz Radio featuring all 45RPM sets by Boogie Blind, DJ Eclipse and more! Tune in starting starting 2pm Eastern Time.

Stream: Trife Diesel - "Diesel Fluid EP" Part 1

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Trife has been burning mics for awhile now as a guest on Ghostface songs and his own solo releases. On "Diesel Fluid" EP, this talented wordsmith demonstrates his continued dedication to the art of Hip Hop as one of the most determined voices to emerge from the Wu-Tang camp.

"Mr​.​Brown's Revenge" (the mixtape) by Encyclopedia Brown

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A walking encyclopedia of rhymes gets busy on his latest mixtape! This talented Chicago MC brings an all-star lineup of beats to support his witty mic approach on "Mr. Brown's Revenge", an entertaining journey of storytelling and self-defining rhymes. A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience.

No Ideas Original Radio Features Mic Heavyweights In A 57 Freestyle Collection

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In 2014 No Ideas Original Radio fulfills the satisfaction of those who love to hear dope beats, rhymes and a gathering of competitive mic skills. In this collection of 57 freestyles, the weekly show demonstrates their great ear for featuring the talent of veteran & emerging MCs in the tradition of classic Hip Hop radio shows before them.

Enjoy the freestyle collection and tune into NIO radio every Saturday night/Sunday morning 1AM to 3AM on broadcasting from Pougkeepsie New York.

Kindred The Family Soul Sing For The Working Class On "Everybody's Hustlin'"

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Kindred The Family Soul return in 2014 with a pleasant groove for to ease the mind of those caught up in the everyday hustle. The smooth songwriting and pace of "Everybody's Hustlin'" transforms thoughts of daily responsibilities and challenges into an inviting sound of R&B/Soul as a great form of musical therapy. From Kindred's forthcoming album "A Couple Friends".

D.I.T.C. - "We All" (Alchemist Remix) ft. O.C. & A.G. - FREE DOWNLOAD

Alchemist hits the right tone of darkness in grimy boom-bap sound to compliment the flows and mic persona of D.I.T.C. Sounds like more future collaborations need to be in the works, Al provides the signature sound D.I.T.C. always had since Show & A's 2nd LP! Free download courtesy of Slice of Spice.

Composer Alex Puddu Returns With Vol. 2 Of Funk Soundtrack Music Inspired By Adult Film

Capturing an obscure sub-genre of music and reviving it in 2014, Alex Puddu draws inspiration from the 1970's adult films of Denmark for the 10-track ride of "The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 2".  As a composer, Alex controls the emotional and cinematic aspects of the listening experience with a rich fusion of funky music.

While the overall direction of The Golden Age draws inspiration from adult film, this project entertains and provides a strong edge in the form of Funk no matter what perspective you are hearing it from, thanks to the execution and imagination of Alex Puddu.

"Thickens Upon Standing" by Georgia Soul Council

"A fierce funky combo from Georgia – as you might guess from their name – one of the hardest-hitting soul acts we've heard from the contemporary Atlanta scene, and a group with a razor-sharp approach to their music all the way through! These guys hit right on the money right from the start – monstrous drums mixed with bass, guitar, and lots of Hammond and Fender Rhodes – topped with tight horns, in a groove that's mostly instrumental, but features the occasional chorus vocal from time to time. The vibe runs from late 60s small combo funk to a bit of early 70s as well – and the record's a raw treat that serves as a perfect introduction to the group. Titles include "Dutch Oven", "Snaggletooth", "Gatur Bait", "Hutchins", "Hip Shot", "Sauce", and "Soul Syrum"." Review by Dusty Groove Record Store

Produced and Recorded by Georgia Soul Council
Recorded in Atlanta GA on July 28th 2012 & April 13th 2013

released 16 July 2013
Rob Robinson - Drums/Percussion
Jeff Jeswald - Organ/Rhodes/Clavinet
Brian Didsbury - Bass/Vox/Percussion
Dan Jeswald - Rhythm Guitar
John Halpin - Lead Guitar
Jason Young - Trumpet
Jordan Shalhoup - Sax

Singer Jeff Bernat Focuses On Life Values on "Lavish" [produced by JBird]

Check out the sounds of a songwriting duo who use a smooth groove to put aspirations of life into perspective on "Lavish". Sometimes we all need a moment of calm to focus on the big picture of life and this song helps to accomplish that beautifully as Jeff Bernat and JBird deliver soothing sounds to support their true-to-life message.

Produced by JBird
Additional vocal arrangements by Jesse Barrera
All instruments and programming by JBird

From the album, "Modern Renaissance" by Jeff Bernat

Fat Beats Celebrates The UN's "UN Or U Out" Reissue With An Online Album Stream

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"Ten years ago the U.N., a rap group consisting of Dino Brave, Mike Raw, Laku, and most notably, Roc Marciano (before his solo career as the preeminent whispering, scowling rap hero), released a little record titled UN Or U Out. With production from heroes Pete Rock, Large Professor, and Roc himself (who took their sample-slicing heroics to an even more obsessive level), the release was never truly afforded the cult classic status it deserved. Blame that, in part, on its strange standing in mid-2000s hip-hop: Released by 456 Entertainment, a record label co-founded by MTV VJ and low-key canny tastemaker Carson Daly, it was a tribute to the grimy boom-bap that wasn't quite old enough to be considered classic, nor new enough to make a real impact. A decade later, the furious album is not only a hint at what Roc Marciano would go on to do on albums like Marcberg and Reloaded, but a touchstone in the Neo-NYC Rap Renaissance; one that included Roc alongside artists like Action Bronson, Ka, Maffew Ragazino, and many more rugged and raw rap resurrectors." - SPIN magazine

Order your copy of the 2014 Fat beats reissue of "UN or U Out" on vinyl here at Amazon.

Pharoahe Monch - "'PTSD" (Album Stream)

Peace to macmediapromo for providing the full album stream. Pre-orders are available now and the full project drops officially April 15 2014.

1. “The Recollection Facility” (produced by Pharoahe Monch)
2. “Times2” (produced by Marco Polo)
3. “Losing My Mind” f/ deNaUn (produced by Jesse West)
4. “Heroin Addict” (produced by Pharoahe Monch)
5. “Damage” (produced by Lee Stone)
6. “Bad M.F.” (produced by Lee Stone)
7. “The Recollection Facility Pt.2” (produced by Pharoahe Monch)
8. “Rapid Eye Movement” f/ Black Thought (produced by Marco Polo)
9. “Scream” (produced by Quelle Chris)
10. “SideFX”f/ Dr. Pete (produced by Pharoahe Monch)
11. “The Jungle” (produced by Marco Polo)
12. “Broken Again” (produced by The Lion Share Music Group)
13. “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”(produced by Boogie Blind & B.A.M.)
14. “Dream” f/ Talib Kweli (produced by Lee Stone)
15. “The Recollection Facility Pt.3” (produced by Pharoahe Monch)
16. “Eht Dnarg Noisulli” f/ The Stepkids (produced by The Stepkids & Pharoahe Monch)
17. “Stand Your Ground”f/ Vernon Reid (produced by Lee Stone) [Digital Bonus]

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