Australia Welcomes Tall Black Guy With A 2014 Tour & Mix by DJ MZ Rizk

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DJ MZ Rizk lets the beats do the talking in a mix which covers the brilliant music of Tall Black Guy as a celebration of his upcoming Australian tour.

If your down under, get details for where TBG will be performing in a town near you here at…our-september-2014/

Preview: Adrian Younge & Souls Of Mischief - "There Is Ony Now" Remixed by Ali Shaheed Muhammed

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Together forever, Souls Of Mischief will never sever as one of Hip Hop's most enduring groups. Enjoy the sounds as the super crew from Oakland prove the power of their unity remains influential from '93 Til Infinity on the remix LP of "There Is Only Now". Produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammed, this project showcases a futuristic sound of boom-bap which features an updated approach to the soulful chord progressions and melodic approach to beats supported by outstanding drums which Tribe is known for.

The Expansions - "Aubergine's Escape"

This laid-back Funk features a sweet combination of synth and guitar melodies supported by the aggression of a heavy drum groove, just enough to create a nice escape with music. The Expansions are an instrumental jazz funk fusion quartet from London, drawing inspiration from the gritty groove based sound of the early seventies, delivering analogue synth flavours, drum breaks galore, classy soul jazz guitar, and chunky warm bass. keyboard and analogue synths from Dave Koor while bandmates James O’Keefe (guitar), Matt Summerfield (bass) and Jonny Drop (drums).

"Aubergine's Escape" is now available for pre-order here at on Limited white/dinked 7" vinyl & Digital. EXP-7002.

Nas & Industrial Revelation - "One Love" (Remixed by Spekulation)

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This subdued and murky Jazz vibe sounds like what might have happened if Nas borrowed a beat from Souls Of Mischief's "'93 'Til Infinity" stash of unreleased beats. Journey with Nas through the hood as Spekulation delves into the Jazz crates heavy with upright bass and sinister keys to tell a new story of "One Love".

featuring samples from Industrial Revelation's "Caliman" from their new album, Oak Head.

Stream "Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3 - Roaring Rare Grooves, Action & Detective Breaks from 1972-1983"

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‘Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3’ is heavy with big funk scores from the British Themes International Music Library repertoire only. Volume 3 focuses to a more global view on library music and presents 20 (vinyl: 18) previously unreleased pearls originating from Germany, France, UK and the USA. Available on CD + LP.

The library gems from this album originate from the following library labels: Conroy, Golden Ring Records, Hudson Music, KPM Music, Music De Wolfe, Omnimusic, Patchwork, Peer International Library, Robert Hall Productions, Selected Sound, Studio One and UBM Record.

Sheena O. Murray Defines Her Better Half On We Are "One"

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Picture the light in Sheena O. Murray's life as she delivers emotions of joy and visions of happiness asa tribute to her significant other on "One". This union of a soulful vocalist, pianist and percussion project a vivid look to her inner-most thoughts regarding love as the two instruments define the mood of a heart which is heavy.

See thru Sheena eyes as she shares her thoughts on stepping up to the challenges of life and as performing artist in her vlog below, an inspirational moment for singers and songwriters both new and accomplished.

Lead and Background Vocals: Sheena O. Murray
Written by: Sheena O. Murray
Produced by: Stephen D. Gibson

"Amalgamation" by Soulperfreesia

Witness a retro-futuristic vibe of music on "Amalgamation", a project which revives the joyful aura of 80's R&B while presenting a new identity of this classic sound through the work of a talented duo. Producer Soulpersona and singer Princess Freesia leave their stamp as a musical force who energize the dance floor as beautiful vocals and uplifting songwriting unite to the rhythm of soulful synth and guitar-based grooves. Listen to a musical movement which challenges the likes of Loose Ends, Rebbie Jackson, Cheryl Lynn, Atlantic Starr and other greats as Soulperfreesia excite with a new generation of boogie.

Singer/Songwriter Destani Wolf Settles For "Nothing But The Best" (feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)

"Once again singer-songwriter, Destani Wolf offers impeccable vocal prowess as a conduit for spiritual awakening on her forthcoming ‘PEEK AWAY’ EP. Drawing on nuances of Blues explored as part of her musical foundation, this collection of six (6) brand new songs finds the Berkeley raised, LA-based songstress arriving at an evolved take on her signature soul-step.

Take one listen to her emotionally powerful and melodic vocals, through songs laden with orchestral-strings such as on “Nothing but the Best” or “Peek Away”, there’s no mistaking the SOUL in her DNA. On ‘PEEK AWAY’, soaring soundscapes underlay the interwoven retro-futurism of nu soul and 70s funk on “Why Should I Stay” and “Uprising (Do-it!)”. Even evident on this EP, Destani has an ability to touch the audience by her heartfelt delivery of REAL elements for the listener. If there were ever such a connecting force for one to pause, or possibly cause tears to outpour, it’d unmistakably be “Your Love for Me” - rich in thankful, appreciative love. Her ‘PEEK AWAY’ EP gives the listener a chance at hope, an outlet to cope and a positive window into beginning to be healed, making her 6-pack solid."

Nothing but the Best (Feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson):
Written for my Incredible Son, Riel
Written by Destani Wolf
Co-Produced by Destani Wolf & Rico Pabón
Breakdown Arr. by Marc Rey, Pancho Tomaselli, Max MacVetty & Destani Wolf
All Vocals -Destani Wolf
Violin, Viola & Cello Written & Performed by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Drum Programming - Rico Pabón
Additional Drums - Max MacVetty
Bass - Pancho Tomaselli
Guitar - Marc Rey
Rhodes & Piano - Quincy McCrary
Mix by Jason Schweitzer
Mastered by John Greenham
Engineered by Ian Boxhill, Eduardo Larez, Mike Harlow and Benjamin Tierney
Artwork by Lexx Valdez
Logo by Amymade
© 2014 BraveWolf Productions

French Library Composer Janko Nilovic Receives A Remastered LP Treatment via Bandcamp

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Blending mysterious vibes with Funk in an edgy cinematic approach, Library composer Janko Nilovic uses classical, jazz and funk to pop, psyche and easy listening to create a thrilling ride with each song. Sampled many times by hip-hop artists : JAY-Z, DAFUNIKS, GUTS, enjoy the remastered LP by one of the greatest studio talents of Europe in the 70s courtesy of French label Underdog Records.

Stream: "All Rise: A Joyful Elegy For Fats Waller" by Jason Moran

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Jason Moran keeps the joint jumpin' with a tribute to fellow pianist and composer Thomas "Fats" Waller. "All Rise" draws inspiration from Fats to create an exciting musical journey which explores numerous spectrums of Jazz. From upbeat rhythm to provoke dance, mellow ballads and soulful grooves, Moran finds room to captivate with powerful piano-driven arrangements with each song to paint a beautiful and joyful vision of life.

Timbuktu - "It's Alive" (feat. The Artifacts)

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It's Timbuk The Monster and The Artifacts leavin' rappers in a pine box for 2014. "It's Alive" is here to awaken the ears of Hip Hop listeners with sharp flows as these 3 mad scientists drop electrifying lyrics for the full-length album "How Huge: The Legend of Howard Huge".

"The Spectrum" Instrumental LP by Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble

Boogie down to the sounds of an emerging producer who revives 80's-style dance grooves on Buscrates' 2014 instrumental LP "The Spectrum". The Pittsburgh native lets the funk flow with groovy synth arrangements and rhythm to make you bounce as one of the leaders of new millennium future Funk.

Whether it's taking us for a ride on the edge of the atmosphere with JUICE or if he's landing on the dancefloor with SHOWTIME, it's no doubt that BUSCRATES has the NATURAL FORCE with his funk that baptizes us like a PITTSBURGH SUNSET!
Fall into THE SPECTRUM!!

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